2073S Steel Flat H/D Rear Sprocket, Made in USA.

2073S Steel Flat H/D Rear Sprocket,  Made in USA.
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2073S- Steel Rear sprocket, Sportster 1986-1992. Also fits Buell to 1993. Fits 2000 and newer large bearing hubs (belt drive models) with our addition of the double sided center hole, see pictures. Center hole diameter 1.985 in. from one side and 2.214 in from the other. Bolt hole circle diameter is 3.250 with five bolt holes at 15/32 in. each. Available in 45 to 56 tooth sizes. 530 Chain. Finished in black zinc or silver zinc with round lightening holes. Made in USA..

Note: Late model chain conversion models with some mag wheels have a longer hub at center hole, will require 2.214 center hole only.  


Available in 45 tooth to 56T, see options below:


H/D Steel rear sprocket shopping help.

*These steel rear sprockets are flat (not dished)

*Finished in black or silver zinc.  

*High Quality Carbon Steel - 45C

*All have 5 bolt holes on a 3.250 inch bolt circle.

*Made in USA. CNC Machined.

  Steel Rear sprocket shopping help for H/D.

Part   Chain size Center Hole  Fitment information

2051S   520    2.465 inch   Buell 94 and newer.

2053S   520    1.985 inch   Sportster 86-99.

2053SX 520    2.214 inch   Sportster 2000 & newer.

2072S  530   1.985 inch Dished, Big twin 1973-85.

2071S   530    2.465 inch   Buell 94 & newer.

2073S   530 1.985 & 2.214 Double cut center hole.

2073SX 530     2.214  inch  2000 & newer.

  Note: All have 5 bolt holes, 3.25 bolt circle.


 See Catalog Page pdf.

  • High Quality Carbon Steel - 45C:
  • Made in USA:
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